A Balance Between Home and Work… Seriously? There Is No Such Thing!

11A: Pratos chinos / spinning plates

This is for all of you working parents out there. Not to slight the stay at home parents, because honestly I know your job is terribly challenging everyday, I truly do. But I am so sick of hearing about how to balance your work life and home life as a parent.

This balance hat you speak of doesn’t exist. We are all plate spinners. I am the queen of it. But let me tell you there are a few plates that crash to the ground off and on.

Need an example? Well here you go. My kids attend religion classes every Wednesday night. My son has been behind in the religion homework since we started. We always seem to be 1 week behind. Every time I think we are caught up there’s a step we missed or a direction we forgot to read. I’m sure his teacher thinks I’m a complete idiot. “Can’t they read the calendar? Are the instructions too difficult?” I can just imagine what she might think. CRASH… there goes one plate.

My husband and I work full time. If we could afford to stay home with our three kids we definitely would so I’m not even going to begin to whine about that. But working full time and having three kids is tough. There are weeks that the house doesn’t get cleaned like it should. CRASH… there goes another plate, laundry doesn’t always get folded right out of the drier, the projects I take home from school to grade sometimes sit in my school bag all weekend long and go right back to school with me ungraded. CRASH, BANG, BOOM!

Does anyone die when things don’t happen or get finished the way they should? Nope, haven’t seen it happen yet. Do people complain about my messy house or my unfolded laundry? Ahhh no, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t be welcome in my house anyway.

We tend to put things on the back burner if there isn’t an immediate need. If you are a young family or an active family there is always somewhere you need to be. A sporting event, a concert, a class, a dance recital, a school function. The list goes on and on!

Ok, so get to the point! Parenting is a balancing act, but you will NEVER be able to do it all and be everything to everyone all the time. I think these days parents are under so much stress to be super parents and do it all. The next time it’s time to get a birthday treat to school don’t fret sending store bought cupcakes. And believe me, this one was a tough one since I have always kind of considered myself Super Mom.

Like Spinning Plates

Try to leave work at work once in a while and spend the evening only concentrating on family. Do or go somewhere fun. Don’t worry about the laundry, cleaning the house or cooking a fabulous meal for the evening. Rent some movies or play some board games, order a pizza and enjoy yourself. You may hear some plates crashing throughout the evening, but you can always clean those up later!


More Organizations Helpers

Keep a binder with important documents such as and notes on meals, weekly schedules, home maintenance, bills, and more.

Look for Organizational APs you can download to your phone.

Make lists!

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